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These Ob-Gyn articles are for my patients. You can also watch videos or go to many non-profit links. This is general information and may not apply to all patients. The Obstetrics articles are organized sequentially from early pregnancy through delivery.

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Office Information

What does Board Certified Mean?
Why did I decide to go into Ob-Gyn?
Questions on Records and Documents?

Obstetrician Information

Calculate Your Due Date!!

How can I prepare for my pregnancy?
What are the routine labs I will have done in pregnancy?
Does the quadruple genetic blood test assure a normal baby?
Who should consider testing for Cystic Fibrosis?
Why consider an amniocentesis at age thirty-five?
This questionnaire looks at risks for genetic testing.

How does your baby grow? Fetal development.
Why do you do sonograms in pregnancy?
About the 3D sonograms my office offers.
I have twins! Will this change my pregnancy?

What medications are safe to take in pregnancy?
Is sexual activity safe in pregnancy?
Travel in pregnancy, can I make it safer?
Exercise in pregnancy, how much can I do?
What can I do about morning sickness or nausea and vomiting in pregnancy?

How bad is bleeding in pregnancy?
Is bed rest in pregnancy worth the effort?
I am having a miscarriage, what should I do?
I have pain at 2 months, do I have a tubal pregnancy?
Can a tubal or ectopic pregnancy be saved and moved to the uterus?

Back pain relief exercises for pregnancy.
How much weight should I gain in pregnancy?
How can I get through the Holidays without gaining weight?

My blood pressure is up in my pregnancy, is it dangerous?
Gestational diabetes, what does it mean to my pregnancy?
How should I manage my diet with diabetes in pregnancy?
Am I in premature labor?

Am I in labor or false labor? When should I call?
Selecting your anesthesia for childbirth. Epidural?
I had a friend go through natural labor, should I?

Why do some patients get a labor induction and some don't?
Questions answered about cesarean section.
My baby is breech. Can I have a normal delivery?
I had a cesarean with my first, can I deliver vaginally this time? VBAC?

What should I name my baby?
Should my baby have a circumcision or not?
Information for a new mother, Dr. C's postpartum handout.
How do I choose a Pediatrician?
Do I have postpartum depression, I am so tearful?

Should you breastfeed or bottle feed your baby?
Advice for breastfeeding and for bottle feeding.
What can lactation consultants do for you?
Should you supplement a breastfeeding baby?
Breastfeeding back at work, it can be done?

Gynecologist Information

Why should I have a exam and PAP every year?
I had an abnormal pap what does that mean?
My pap needs to be repeated, what does atypical mean?

Is GARDASIL a vaccine against HPV?
My pap found HPV, what does this mean?
Wart like changes were found on my pap. Why?
If I have warts should my partner be treated?

What is colposcopy and why do I need it?
What is cryosurgery or cervix freezing and why do I need it?

The many advantages of birth control pills.
Can women over 35 take the pill?
Is DepoProvera a good choice for contraception?
Is the new Mirena IUD safe? The ParaGard?
What does having tube tie or tubal ligation do? Is it reversible?

How do you do self breast exam?
Why should I do self breast exam?
Why do I have milk leakage when I am not breastfeeding?
How can I stop getting vaginal infections?
I think I have herpes, is there a new treatment?

What can be done about my PMS?
Will taking calcium prevent osteoporosis?
I have irregular bleeding all the time, what can be done? ThermaChoice?
Can you stop my painful periods without surgery? NovaSure ablation?
What is an endometrial ablation with NovaSure or ThermaChoice?
How did I get endometriosis and can you treat it?

How is a hysterectomy done and how long to recover?
Is there any big advantage to LASER surgery?
What should I do after my surgery?
How can I donate my own blood?

Why do I lose urine when I cough, is this incontinence?
I leak urine, but I don’t want surgery, what can I do?
How do you do Kegel exercises?
Why do I keep getting this bladder infection?

Infertility Information

Why can't I get pregnant? Do I have infertility?
What is infertility testing?
How to get a semen analysis done.
Will it help me to get pregnant to follow my temperature?
Will Clomid / Serophene / clomiphene give me a pregnancy?
I am over 35 years old, should I become pregnant? 

General Medical Information

General information and methods weight loss.
Help available to stop smoking.
Physical improvement with time after you quit smoking.
What your cholesterol numbers mean to you.
Numb fingers or hands and carpel tunnel syndrome.

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Videos (Phone Screen Size)

Dr. C on CV33 TV-On Pregnancy Spacing (And it's Creutzmann not Kreutzmann)

NovaSure Menstrual Ablation - In Office Surgery for Heavy Periods

Abnormal Pap, Colposcopy and Treatment

Bladder Infection - Prevention and Treatment

Cesaraen Section - Risks and Benefits

Hysteroscopy - A Womb with a View

Infertility - Causes, Evaluation and Treatment

Laparoscopy - Belly Button Surgery

Painful Periods - Causes and Treatment

Paps and Internal Exams - Why They Are So Important

PMS - Natural and Medical Treatment

Uterine Fibroid Tumors - Care and Treatment

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