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You have just had surgery. It was needed or we wouldn't have done this together, but there is a recovery time. This period is unique to everyone who has any procedure done. It will take time for your body some time to re-adjust. Here is some general information for you.

Activity- Light housework is alright. Don't lift anything heavier than ten pounds. You will very likely tire more easily so rest when you begin to feel tired not when you can barely make it to the couch. You must find your happy medium between over doing it and doing nothing. In general if it hurts a lot don't do it. No traveling unless we discuss it. After about two weeks you may begin driving again. Your reflexes will be slower during your recovery. BE CAREFUL!

Bleeding- You may have some spotting after leaving the hospital and even an occasional clot after arising from a recumbent position. This is nothing to worry about. Also, your bleeding may increase around day 10 to 15, this is when the body passes the first layer of healing tissue. CALL IF YOU BLEED AS HEAVY AS A PERIOD.

Bowel Habits- The way the bowel responds to surgery and post-operative medications is not always predictable. It may take several weeks for you to return to normal function. If you feel constipated you may take an over the counter laxative or an enema. The pain medication that you were discharged with, can sometimes be binding and also can make gas pains worse instead of better, so you might try weaning off them to Tylenol.

Fevers- If you feel like you might have a fever or if you get chills, take your temperature. Call the office if your temperature is 100.5F or greater. May have some burning with urination immediately after having a catheter removed, but this should resolve in 24-48 hours. If you have burning or increased frequency of urination after you leave the hospital, call my office.

Hygiene- You may shower or bath. If you have Steri-strips on your incision, just forget that they are there. They will come off on their own over the next couple of weeks. No douching or tampons until I see you in my office for your check-up.

Sexual Activity- No intercourse until you are seen back in my office and we see how well things are healing.